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What people are saying 

"You've made me love country music, which I thought was impossible"              Kyle Sandilands, Australian Idol

"Since first hearing Denvah I knew she was the real deal, her voice is amazing and best described as a cross between Kasey Chambers and Dolly Parton. Her song-writing ability at her age is nothing short of brilliant and the scary thing is she will only get better. It was an absolute privilege to be a part of her debut ep"    Jeremy Marou, Busby Marou


“Totally on the Denvah Train”.                  Justin Thomson, KIX


"To do it live last night, the way she spoke to the crowd - her natural effervescence is just something you can't extinguish"                                                            Felicity Urquhart, Artist



“Love the new material from Denvah, she’s very talented. Big future there”.                                                     Greg Shaw, Artist Manager

"It just blew us away, she's such a talent, such a natural songwriter. I think that's something that's going to keep her in good stead for a long time. For a debut release though, if you haven't heard the single of hers yet, it's quite amazing".            Brad Butcher, Artist

“This is a fantastic EP, I love it. I’ve been playing it on repeat for the past hour and soaking it up. Denvah is a real talent. 'Just The Beginning’...indeed”.   Dave Parker, Music Executive

Yes, it’s only the beginning for this rising star”.                                                                                         John O’Brien, Sunday Mail Qld

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