'Just the Beginning'

Central Queensland singer song-writer Denvah pens songs that glow with closeness and maturity beyond her years.  Enchanting tunes with sincere lyrics that are brought to life by her captivating vocal that commands attention.  Releasing her debut ep 'Just the Beginning' on April 17, Denvah has received encouragement and applause from artists such as Busby Marou, Troy Cassar-Daley & Brad Butcher.

'Just The Beginning' features the Top 10 single 'My Favourite', a song about the simplistic complications of missing someone you know you’ll never see again, which half of you doesn’t really mind, but the other half is just grateful you even met.  First cut on the EP, 'Do It Again' is a feel-good song about a perfect night, with the most perfect people.  A night that you look back to in years to come.  'How Could You' is a break up song detangling the feelings of young love.  Final track 'N+J', Denvah captures the true love shared by friends.

For those not familiar with her story, it may come as a surprise that 'Just the Beginning' was written entirely by Denvah, commencing in August 2018.  The EP was recorded over 2 days in a makeshift studio set up on Great Keppel Island at the Shell House, a sprawling 1961 building crammed with an extraordinary variety of sea shells. Recorded by Nathan Davis (Busby Marou) with Jeremy Marou on guitars, bass and ukulele and Denvah adding guitar.  Additional recording, engineering and mixing was provided by Matt Fell at Love HZ Studios along with bass, percussion and keyboards with Josh Schuberth on drums and percussion.

With an early childhood in dancing and musical theatre that navigated Denvah into singing at age 13, it was only natural that she steered towards country music. The genre has always been in Denvah’s veins.  It’s the only thing she heard blaring from her mums’ speakers at a young age.  She found herself falling in love with legends such as Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis and Kasey Chambers, her 3-year-old self, screaming out the lyrics in the car, country twang and all.  And like every 10-year-old girl, she wanted to be just like Taylor Swift, to sing from the heart and to wear cool outfits just like Tay Tay.  She soon discovered Ed Sheeran and as quickly as she fell in love with her country legends, Denvah fell in love and got lost in Ed’s lyrics which, merged with her love of country have helped shape her sound.

At 20,  Denvah has a natural talent as a singer and songwriter, she is a true artist that deserves attention. When you listen to her sing, you can’t help but be excited for everyone else to catch on – Tom Inglis HSF Artist Services